Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment
Dr. Maria Montessori

Small Wonders & Little Explorers

Open to all Harlequin children and parents who will attend Billericay Nursery in the future and also children who will attend other pre-school settings. Everyone welcome!

This parent and baby/toddler groups allow us to gradually introduce you and your child to Montessori philosophy.  In a relaxed and calm environment, your child can experience freedom to explore our treasure baskets, heuristic play and early Montessori activities.  Specialist teachers ensure that relevant materials are introduced as your child develops.  We therefore offer the following groups:

Small Wonders (9 months+)   1 hour session with parent

Little Explorers (12months+)    1 hour session with parent

Little Explorers 2 (2 years)    1 hour transition session without parent

Small Wonders / Little Explorers provides an opportunity for children to attend with their parents for an hour.  We have introduced this group as we feel it helps the ‘transition’ period where a child attends nursery for the first time.  The whole family has had time to build a relationship with the teachers and become more familiar with the Montessori philosophy.

Please email  for details of dates,times & availability of above sessions.