Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment
Dr. Maria Montessori


Music & Movement

Using instruments from around the world and classic tunes on CD’s, this fun, often energetic session, introduces children to discover their world through music.  Our enthusiastic teacher plans this club to encourage children to participate in cardiovascular exercise as well as gentle yoga moves.


Montessori encouraged children to explore the world around them.  The culture session introduces them to different cultures and countries and might include food tasting (allergies inform which foods) and map making.  Our science club gives children the opportunity to make a volcano overflow and runner beans grow, as well as explore space through the solar system.

Creativity: Art

This creativity method works perfectly within a Montessori setting because the children plan what they wish to create from limitless materials available.  Some of these creations are developed week after week if the children decide to work as a group, sometimes they work independently and take their hard work home.


Children love to cook and this session makes full use of the new skills they have perfected in a Montessori classroom, such as pouring, transferring and mixing.  Fine motor co-ordination allows them to ice biscuits and cakes, or roll out and cut up pastry.  The children bring their creations home, or sometimes they eat them for afternoon tea.


What better way to explore nursery than to go on a bear hunt, to catch a big one, they are definitely not scared!  In this session children have the opportunity to re-enact tried and tested stories in their own words and also play games and use role-play to not only build upon on their acting skills, but most importantly to build their confidence.